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Welcome to the blog EXPLORER INSURANCE and best wishes for us all. This time the blog Explorer Insurance sharing prime or first article discusses UNDERSTANDING LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE FUNCTIONS. Keep in mind that health is the most important thing for us to watch and care.


LIFE INSURANCE Insurance is one that aims to bear the financial loss to the unpredictable due to rapid Died even live very long.

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HEALTH INSURANCE is one of the special warrant the cost of health insurance and care insurance customers if they have health problems or accidents. So it is clear that illustrated in life insurance there is a risk that must be addressed include:
  1. Risk Death, and
  2. live so long
Besides, as a form of risk management, insurance have benefits that are classified into two functions, namely:
  1. Fungsi Primary (Primary)

    a. Transfer of Risk
    As a means of transfer of risk or loss (chance of loss) of the insured as "Original Risk Bearer" to one or more person (a risk transfer mechanism). So that the uncertainty (uncertainty) in the form of possible losses as a result of an unexpected event, will turn into a definitive insurance protection (certainty) transforms into a loss of compensation or compensation claim with the premium payment terms.
    b. Collector Funds
    As a collector means of public funds to be paid to those who are unfortunate, the funds raised in the form of premiums or also called ber-insurance costs paid by the insured to the insurer, managed such that the fund thrive, which will be used to pay damages may be suffered by one of the insured.
    c. To Set up such that the premium payments made by each - each insured is a balanced and reasonable compared with the transfer of risk to the insurer (equitable premium).
  2. Fungsi Additional (Secondary)

    a. Export Covert (invisible export)
    b. Economic Growth Stimulators (stimulus)
    c. Means savings fund investments and invisible earnings
    d. Means of Prevention and Control of Losses


1) Provide a guarantee of protection from the risks of losses suffered by one party.
2) Improving the efficiency.
3) Equity costs are enough to expend a certain amount and do not need to replace or pay for their own losses which amount is not certain and uncertain.
4) For the banks to give loans because banks require collateral protection of collateral provided by the borrower money.
5) For savings, because the amount paid for the insurance will be returned with a larger number.
6) Close Loss of Earning Power person or entity currently can not be function

that's all for this article about UNDERSTANDING LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE FUNCTIONS hopefully useful and thank you
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Nice post, article about life and health insurance is very nice and helpful for me.. :)